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[Solved] Sonos / Spotify-Service Not Accessibility when Eblocker is active

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Hi, just yesterday I updated my Eblocker (white cube) from 1.7.6 (bought 2017) to the current version without any problems. Everything works fine so far, the only problem I encountered is that on my iPhone and iPad my Sonos S1 app fails to search Spotify or other services. As soon as I disable the Eblocker for the iPhone/iPad I’m able to search Spotify and other services from inside the Sonos app again. Is this a know problem? Are there any hints how to keep Eblocker enabled and still be able to use Sonos/Spotify?

P.S. the Spotify app itself works fine even when Eblocker is active, it’s just the use inside the Sonos app that fails.

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Solved. Found how determine the accessed and restricted URLs and added them to the allowed websites in the https section.

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@oliverl As eBlocker is a community project it would be great if you could share your settings for the Trusted App here:

Then we take your input and add it to the standard with the next release - to make eBlocker even better 😀 😎 


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