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We are currently working on bringing the help content of the discontinued eBlocker GmbH to this website. Until all contents are available here, you will find the help unfortunately still somewhat distributed:

eBlocker Manual

The manual of the eBlocker GmbH is a good introduction and a great reference for questions.

The manual is not maintained any further, so only information up to eBlockerOS 2.4 can be found there.

For the intitial setup use the iOS App

German Help Videos

The German speaking audience can find numerous videos on Vimeo which explain all basic functions and frequently asked questions very well. The videos are a private project of our former support employee Tim. Thanks for the great contribution, Tim!

Technical FAQs and Knowledge Base

All contents of the former eBlocker knowledge base and frequently asked questions are currently still “parked” on Github.

This content will soon be available on this website and searchable. If this is taking too long for you, please check out the last section of this page.

The answers to all questions about the Open Source project can already be found here.

eBlocker Community Forum

We discuss current questions, bugs and feature requests in our Community Forum and are happy if you share all your questions and ideas there.

This is where you get individual help.

Individual Help

Unfortunately, we cannot offer individual help via e-mail or phone, as we run eBlocker on a voluntary basis and would like to bring the project forward in the meantime. However, you can ask your individual questions at any time in the Community Forum, where you will be helped quickly.

Please understand that we cannot answer questions asked by e-mail.

Help for Help wanted

You’re unhappy with the current help? So are we!

As we currently only have few resources to revise the existing help, it takes some time to bring it to this website. If you would like to get involved with helping us, we would be very happy to hear from you: voluntary@eBlocker.org

We need your Contribution.

Our project needs your help. We would be very happy if you would like to support eBlocker with donations or volunteer with us.
With your support we can keep eBlocker free and safe for everyone.

News: eBlockerOS 2.5 released
Release notes & Download

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